Hatchside School will be welcoming pupils from April 2021. Hatchside School is for Leaners 2-7-year-old our school will have an Early Years focus and our approach to Learning and teaching will reflect this. Learners that attend attach Hatchside School will have initial 6-week assessment to identify the pathway of learning they are suited to. For children in Nursery and Reception they will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. For Children in Year 1 and 2 they will follow either:

  • Engagement Model
  • Pre Key Stage 1
  • Key Stage 1

Hatchside School’s curriculum will be delivered primarily through the children’s interest, the ethos of the school from EYFS to Year 2 will be based on the: ‘Planning in the moment’ approach (Ephgrave A, 2018) and the Early Years Pedagogy of continuous provision. Planning in the moment is developed on the principle that you start with the child and their interests which we will do this through observation and conversation with parents/carers. Once we have established the child’s interest we will plan an enabling environment to reflect those interests. When a child approaches an area of interest or chooses an area of interest through their means of communication adults will observe, watch and wait to support the child at the right moment (this is planning in the moment), they will in this moment plan how to extend the child’s learning for example by role modelling or using open ended Questions (this is the teachable moment). In the case of Hatchside School the ‘Teachable moment’ will mean responding in the way most appropriate for that child using the strategy that has been identified to meet the needs of that child. At Hatchside school it is envisaged it will mean trialling different strategies to identify what will work for individual children. For example, this could happen using the following strategies:

  • PECS
  • Attention Autism
  • Sherbourne Movement
  • Colourful semantics
  • Phonics
  • Communication sessions e.g. requesting more
  • Eye Gaze
  • Focused literacy or numeracy sessions
  • Sounds of Intent

Continuous Provision refers to the daily activities (core experiences) on offer to the children all of the time. Across Hatchside School there will EYFS/KS1 agreed core experiences provided which will be differentiated according to the pathway the pupils are following.

The activities planned for each of these core experiences will depend upon the interests of the current focus children. We also acknowledge the benefit of our children having daily opportunities to develop their physicality, sensory awareness, communication and independence. We will strive to support our pupils to become active learners who are as independent as possible and love learning. We recognise the importance of Continuous Provision in supporting our staff to develop relationships with the pupils, so they can learn to trust each other and feel safe/secure.