Charities and Helpful Organisations for Parents/Carers and Learners

To visit any of the charities and organisations listed below, click on their name.


Alexandra Rose Day - Helps parents with low income get Fruit and vegetables at local markets to help feed their family.    

Ability Magazine (Assistive Technology) - A magazine about assistive technology  

Avaz AAC - Avaz is a picture and text-based AAC app that empowers children and adults with complex communication needs to express themselves and learn. Uses colourful semantics to help learners communicate in sentences, as well as one cell answers. 

Best Mobility Aids - Impartial advice on selecting the best mobility aids including mobility scooters, rollators, walking frames, wheelchairs and home aids to keep you active and help you lead a fulfilling and independent life no matter your age. 

Books Beyond Words - Beyond Words produces books, eBooks and other resources for people who find it easier to understand pictures more than words.

Brain Injury Group - Support for families of people who have suffered brain injuries.  

Scope - Scope, the disability equality charity, offering practical information and emotional support, and campaigning for a fairer society. 

Cerebral Palsy Guidance - Provide a vital guidance and assistance to parents of a child with cerebral palsy. Lots of helpful information and useful resources and contacts to support you.

Charity Choice - A charity directory to find all different useful and supportive charities in your local area and around the UK.

Counselling Directory - Counselling directory to find useful counselling in your local area.

Find A Voice - Find A Voice is a charity that supports children and adults who have a severe speech, language or communication difficulty, and who may require some form of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) support. This can include signing, symbols or a communication aid. Support is provided in person, by telephone and via this website. 

Parking4less - A really helpful guide to flying abroad with a disability.

Invictus Active - Provide products that help keep wheelchair users active, through specialised chairs, bikes and standing frames. 

Stairlifts Reviews - Support and guidance for getting carer support. 

OneSwitch - A fun resource for switch users and for anyone looking to find game accessibility solutions. With switch games and a switch shop to support learners accessibility and independence.

Patient - A helpful site about health, treatments and support for various illnesses and conditions.  

Product Diggers - A helpful website which helps you learn about and design the perfect home play room for a learner with autism.  

The Accessible Planet - A complete guide to everything and anything accessible – for wheelchair users and those with reduced mobility.

Stairlifts - Company that provides stairlifts for home.

Inclusive Technology - A fantastic site for finding different AAC devices to help learners communicate and access their environments. With everything from Tobii Eye Gaze devices, to switches, interactive technology to virtual reality headsets.

Liberator - Provides communication aids such as Eye Gaze technology, switches and various other communication apps and products.

Mounts and More - Mounts for AAC communication devices to be attached to learners wheelchairs, or tables or free standing.  

Possum - Supplies advanced Assistive Technology (AT) and Tele-care to help people with disability live more independently. Helping bring accessibility to our learners. 

Remap - Remap is a charity that helps people with disability live more independent lives. They have a network of skilled volunteers who help design and custom make equipment free of charge. 

Steeper (Assistive Technology) - Steeper Assistive Technology helps empower individuals to take control of their environment and reduce their reliance on care. Through the latest technologies and comprehensive range of services, experienced engineers and product advisors guide you through state-of-the-art devices and innovative systems that will help put the control back in people with disabilities hands. 

Stairlift Helper - Helps people find charity grants and government funding for stair lifts at home.

Travelling Abroad with a Disability - Advice and information on travelling abroad with someone who has a disability.  

Travelling Abroad Ultimate Guide - Another guide on travelling abroad with disability. 

The Movement Centre - Support for physiotherapy needs.

The Sequel Trust - A charity that helps raise money and find funding to support learners with getting communication devices and aids such as Eye Gaze software.