Remote Education

Children at Hatchside school have complex needs and therefore Home Learning if needed, needs to be practical for families and consider the PLG’s children are working on school as well as the curriculum . Attached is an example of a Home Learning plans we would provide to families if Home Learning was needed in the event of school closures such as those in the COVID pandemic or if a child was hospitalised/ill and we were asked to support education in these circumstances. For children that attend Hatchside School home learning would only be used in exceptional circumstances. Alongside the sample of the guide we send home, we would also provide appropriate sensory resources to support families when needed. Our teachers would call weekly and if appropriate offer virtual live session with families to support at home. In terms of looking after our families and children welfare needs the trust Health Care Assistants and Parent Liaison officers would be in regular contact to provide wider support in accessing or signposting to other services.

Example of Home Learning