School Uniform

All pupils are encouraged to wear school uniform. Items of clothing can be purchased directly from the suppliers via the Hatchside uniform page. For more information and to purchase uniform click here

It is not necessary for children to wear branded uniformFamilies are free to purchase generic, non-branded uniform from any suppliers, supermarkets and other retailers. We just request that generic uniform is in keeping with the school uniform colours.

Clothing should be marked with your child's name and all children may require a change of clothes so please send a spare set into school. If used, these items will be returned home.

Incontinence supplies/nappies should be sent into school on a daily basis as the school does not stock these items.

Pupils will need a bag for their belongings. For safety reasons plastic bags are not permitted.
As a rule, jewellery should not be worn. If a parent or carer feels a particular piece of jewellery to be essential, they should discuss the matter with the Head of School. Staff may remove jewellery for safety reasons and will inform parents and carers if they do so.

Sustainability Uniform Shop

We also collect old, good quality, freshly washed uniforms so that we can sell/re-gift these back to Hatchside families.

If you have any unwanted uniform donations theses can be handed into the office at any point during the school day.