Astrum Multi Academy Trust Structure

Trust Centrally Based Staff

CEO/Executive Headteacher

Trust Business Lead

Executive Team PA

Finance Manager   |    Facilities Manager    |    ICT Technician

Therapy Team- SALT/OT    |    Parent Liaison Team/Health and Pupil Welfare Assistants

Extended Schools Manager    |    Office Teams Manager    |    HR Assistants


Hatchside School (64 Pupils when full) 

Senior Leadership Team

Head of School    |    Deputy Head of School (EY Lead)    |    Assistant Head (KS1 Lead)

School Team

Teachers    |    Early Years Tutors    |    HLTA's

Learning Support Assistants

Communication Support Assistants

Midday Assistants

Senior Admin Officer    |    Admin Assistant

Caretaker    |    Cleaning Staff


Dual Role Staff and Trainers

Team Teach    |    Assisted Handling Trainer    Rebound Therapist    |    ELSA's